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Chiropractic Care

 Absolute Chiropractic Neurology and Wellness provides chiropractic care for hundreds of patients living in east bay area.  We do not treat symptoms but rather, we assist you in creating health and attaining an improved quality of life.

Absolute Chiropractic's treatments are designed and implemented around an innovative healthcare model that honors your best individual innate healing process.

Our Chiropractic care model is based on four simple premises

1.Your nervous system is your Master System

2.The power that made the body heals the body best

3.Interferences or subluxations in the nervous system prevent your body from operating at the best and optimal levels

4.Dr. Figone detects and corrects these subluxations. Prior to any chiropractic adjustment we conduct an extensive personal evaluation aimed at best understanding your physical as well as spiritual well-being. We also conduct a detailed chiropractic examination. At Absolute Chiropractic you will receive the services best suited to you.


Why chiropractic works

If your pain has a musculoskeletal origin, we can detect & remove the source of what’s causing you discomfort. At Absolute Chiropractic Neurology & Wellness, our expertise is in finding the cause of this pain. Our focused, hands-on approach aims at giving you immediate relief.

At Absolute Chiropractic Neurology & Wellness, we give you a personalized plan for your health. This ensures you receive maximum benefits. Our care is thorough & efficient, offering you relief.

Your body may hold stress patterns that carry tension. Tension builds to pain. This pain complex may be caused by auto accidents (major trauma) all along the pain causation spectrum to repetitive (minor) trauma, caused by computer work.

In reality, even minor trauma can painfully interfere with bodily processes!


Chiropractic is designed to remove this pain complex. You feel good when pain is removed. At Absolute Chiropractic Neurology & Wellness we specialize in finding the source of this pain complex & removing it; giving you relief. When stress is held in your body, tension is created causing pain. Would it surprise you to learn that your muscles may hold stress that push your vertebrae out of alignment?

Your body “learns” a muscle pattern. Chiropractic helps your body to “unlearn” stress & tension patterns that cause you pain.


How Does Subluxation Adversely Affect You?

               Remember that example of the flickering light? When the wire supplying that light is running smoothly, unkinked, then the light is bright. If the wire is bent, or contorted, then the light may flicker. When your nerves are blocked, contorted, pain is the likely experience. At Absolute Chiropractic Neurology & Wellness our all natural approach offers a focused treatment plan for each person, non-surgically!

            Our safe methods give ideal benefits aimed at increasing physical and emotional health. When you feel better you think more clearly because your pain is relieved. A vertebral subluxation complex (subluxation) is when your vertebrae are out of place (out of alignment). You may be able to feel this, just by placing your hand on your middle & or lower back (depending on how flexible you are). You may even feel a vertebra out of alignment in the back of your neck. Imagine a bone being out of place!

             Your spine is composed of vertebrae that are connected, or in close proximity, to nerves, blood vessels & muscles. What do you think happens when those vertebrae is out of place? That’s right, the structures that are connected to it, or in close proximity, are also affected. Many times adversely affected. This creates a snowball effect that may travel throughout your entire body!

  All of your organs are supplied by these nerves and blood vessels!

Internal health is directly related to the health of your nerves!


Are My Organs Affected by Subluxation?

             Your spine houses your nerves. When trauma occurs, either by daily stressors, or from larger accidents, impeded nerve flow may result. An impinged nerve could be blocking the function of your organs!

           Are you experiencing a problem with your internal systems? It could be related to vertebrae being misaligned. Your nervous system controls basic functions such as digestion and respiration. Did you know it also governs higher, cognitive functions like memory and intelligence? Doesn’t it make sense that your nerves need to physically flow with ease, throughout your entire body?

           If nerves are blocked, or damaged, long-term harm may be the result. If you’ve suffered from a major trauma, or from repetitive stress, wouldn’t you like to be rest-assured that your nerves are healthy & functioning as they should?

             Chiropractic can give you an intelligent & immediate assessment of what’s going on inside your body & how to make you feel better. Why is this? When your nerves are functioning optimally your organs & muscles are getting what they need.          


A Silent Threat

             Many times subluxations are unnoticeable, which means they are potentially causing damage to your body. Subluxation has been referred to as a silent threat. At Absolute Chiropractic Neurology & Wellness, we specialize in finding what may be the underlying cause (silent threat) of ill health and low energy.

                       Chiropractic achieves its goals by using a focused adjustment. Most of our patients feel immediate relief. The body holds its tension in certain ways. It may even guard itself when minor and major events are felt. These impacts are experienced through daily living.

            This guarding mechanism may create a build-up of fibrous tissue around the subluxation. When this fibrous tissue is relieved by a skilled adjustment minor discomfort may be experienced.

           In reality blood vessels, nerves & lymphatic will be able to increase their circulation!  This will give your organs what they need to thrive! The adjustment creates a positive & powerful ripple effect throughout your entire body! Increased health & vitality are the results!            

Life can be stressful, answer it with chiropractic!

A tried and proven method for results!


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